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If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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    If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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        RF SPIN


        Heart and soul of our innovation journey

        Pioneering in technology demands continuous research and development, a journey where relentless innovation meets the unyielding pursuit of excellence.

        A Vision of the Future Crafted by RF SPIN's Innovation

        At RF SPIN, our dedication to research and development powers our leadership in technology innovation. Guided by an expert R&D team, we constantly push the boundaries to exceed industry standards and client expectations. Through strategic collaborations and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we not only meet the demands of the present but also shape the future, firmly positioning RF SPIN at the forefront of our field.

        Our Innovative Minds

        Dr. Zdeněk Hradecký

        Owner & CEO

        A Czech Technical University alumnus, Dr. Hradecký is the driving force and key innovator at RF SPIN. His academic and professional journey has been dedicated to transforming intricate RF theories into cutting-edge, practical solutions. In his role, he specializes in the research and development of custom design, with a particular emphasis of performing complex antenna calculations.

        Dr. Tomáš Lonský

        Business Development Manager

        Holding a doctorate from Czech Technical University, Dr. Lonský is RF SPIN's Business Development Manager. His key functions encompass data analysis, technical support, and customer service. Utilizing his extensive technical background, he enhances customer relations and guides strategic decisions, using his data interpretation and problem-solving skills to support business goals.

        Pavel Hamouz, MSc

        Project Manager

        As a Radioelectronics graduate from Czech Technical University, Pavel Hamouz plays a vital role as an Antenna Measurement Specialist and Designer at RF SPIN. His profound expertise in advanced antenna design and precision measurement significantly enhances our product development process, reinforcing RF SPIN's position as a forefront leader in cutting-edge antenna innovation.

        Štěpán Bosák, MSc

        R&D Antenna Engineer

        Štěpán Bosák, a radio electronics graduate from Czech Technical University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, works as a research and development engineer on state-of-the-art projects at RF SPIN. His primary objectives include detailed electromagnetic computations, advanced antenna shape optimization, and machine-learning-aided optimization strategies.

        Jaroslav Jiřička

        Chief Operations Officer

        Jaroslav plays a crucial role in overseeing the seamless efficiency of our entire production process. With his expertise in quality and process management, he ensures that every operational facet runs smoothly and efficiently. Jaroslav's commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our operational success, making significant contributions to the overall productivity and quality standards of our company.

        Synergy of Expertise

        Our R&D team blends deep theoretical insights with extensive practical skills. This powerful combination enables the creation of exceptional antennas that are synonymous with excellence and industry leadership.

        Collaborative Endeavors

        RF SPIN and CTU: Elevating Antenna Excellence

        Our collaboration with the Czech Technical University (CTU) enhances our antenna technologies, leveraging CTU’s measurement systems for superior precision. This partnership merges academic excellence with our industry expertise, fueling innovation and providing us access to emerging engineering talent through our teaching involvement in the “Design and Construction of Antennas” course.

        Broadening Horizons with FiberArch

        Our partnership with CTU also extends to the optical domain, particularly in developing our FiberArch technology. Leveraging CTU’s optical expertise enriches our capabilities, enabling us to pioneer new solutions and expand our technological portfolio. This collaboration not only diversifies our innovation paths but also strengthens our position in offering cutting-edge technological solutions.

        “As a university full professor deeply committed to the advancement of telecommunications technology, my collaboration with RF SPIN has been invaluable. This partnership represents a unique synergy between academia and industry, bridging theoretical work with practical application in an exceptionally productive way.”

        RF SPIN's Diverse Partnership Projects ​
        At RF SPIN, our role extends beyond just being equipment manufacturers; we are pioneers in technological innovation. We achieve this through our diverse collaborations with leading industry partners and various academic institutions. Here is a showcase of some of our key projects and collaborations, each with its unique focus and contributions
        Other Collaborated Projects

        2014 | Log-periodic antenna

        2013 | Omnidirectional antenna at 868 MHz

        2012 | ESPRIT-AES antenna systems

        Strategic Innovations for Business

        Customized Solutions by RF SPIN

        In the innovation-driven environment of RF SPIN, our R&D team plays a pivotal role in enhancing production processes. A notable illustration of this is our advanced surface treatment technology, a standout achievement in our manufacturing advancements.

        Concurrently, we specialize in engineering custom-designed antennas, precisely tailored to meet the intricate and specific demands of our clients. These initiatives highlight our dedication to technical precision and our commitment to delivering high-quality, business-centric solutions.

        Innovative Powerhouse: Paving the Way for Your Success with RF SPIN

        At RF SPIN, our R&D team stands ready to not only innovate but also to be your partners in tackling even the most challenging projects.

        We are committed to crafting tailored solutions that drive your success. Our dedication ensures that we lead the industry in RF technology innovation and that we’re your trusted allies in achieving your goals.

        Our R&D team is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of themes, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Our expertise encompasses:

        Radioelectric Design

        We excel in the design and development of radioelectric components, ensuring optimal performance and innovation in every product.

        Material and Surface Design

        Our focus extends to material selection and surface design, vital for the durability and efficacy of our products.

        Mechanical Components

        We specialize in the mechanical aspects of design, ensuring that each product is not only functionally superior but also robust and reliable.

        Testing Technologies for Solutions

        Our approach includes advanced testing technologies, integral for developing and refining our solutions.

        Regular Performance Retesting

        To maintain the highest standards of quality, we conduct regular retesting of our devices, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. 

        Have a Project in Mind? Let's Collaborate!

        Whether you have a project in the pipeline or need expert advice from our R&D team, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation or to discuss your ideas further. We are ready to turn your vision into reality.

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