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If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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    If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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        News and Updates

        Patented antenna lens technology

        • April 2024

        Our latest innovation – the first three antennas with lenses that operate on frequencies ranging from 730 MHz to 40 GHz. 🤯 Our patented technology allows you to achieve up to a 6 dB increase in antenna gain, something you won’t find anywhere else.

        Join Us at EuCAP 2024

        • February 2024

        Meet RF SPIN at this year’s EuCAP 2024, taking place from 17-22 March in Glasgow. We will be showcasing our latest antenna solutions on stand 32.  This event is a key industry gathering for the antenna community and provides a unique opportunity to delve into the latest developments in RF technology.

        Showcasing RF Innovations

        At the heart of this years’ EuCAP, we will present our advanced portfolio, highlighting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of antenna technology. Visitors will get a firsthand look at our latest offerings, including innovations in the high-gain antennas category, designed to provide superior performance for the most demanding applications.

        About EuCAP 2024

        EuCAP is Europe’s leading event for antenna research, development, and application. It attracts industry leaders, academics, and professionals to discuss trends, challenges, and innovations. RF SPIN is excited to contribute to this vibrant forum, sharing their insights and exploring new horizons in RF technology.

        AntennaPattern.jl – A Julia Package for Antenna Pattern Analysis

        • August 2023

        AntennaPattern.jl is an open-source package that brings the power of Julia’s speed and flexibility to antenna design and analysis. Whether you are an RF engineer, a researcher, or simply someone fascinated by antennas, this package is designed to help you easily calculate, visualize, and analyze antenna radiation patterns.

        Download it right now!


        🌟 **Key Features:**

        1. 📈 Fast and Accurate Calculations: Exploits Julia’s computational efficiency for high-speed calculations.
        2. 📊 Interactive Visualization: Generate 2D and 3D radiation patterns to study various antenna characteristics.
        3. 📚 Extensive Documentation: Easy-to-follow guides and examples that help you get started in no time.
        4. 🌐 Cross-platform: Seamlessly integrate with other Julia packages and external libraries.

        🚀 **Why AntennaPattern.jl?**

        For anyone who has dealt with antenna design, the struggles of pattern analysis are all too real. From the cumbersome data manipulation process to the challenge of visual representation, the conventional methods have their limits. AntennaPattern.jl is a step towards a more streamlined, efficient, and effective analysis process.

        👉 **Get Started Now**

        To dive in, visit the GitHub repository for installation guidelines, documentation, and examples: [AntennaPattern.jl on GitHub](

        🤝 **Contributions Welcome**

        AntennaPattern.jl is an open-source initiative, and we welcome contributions from the community to make this package even better!

        💡 Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to reach out or raise an issue on the GitHub repository

        RFspin to Shake Up EuMW with New Microwave Products in Berlin from 19-21.9

        • August 2023

        RFspin, a leading provider of microwave components and subsystems, will be showcasing its new line of products at EuMW 2023 in Berlin from 19-21.9. The company’s new products are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

        RFspin’s experts will be on hand to answer questions and help customers find the right solutions for their applications. RFspin will be exhibiting at booth 303C with its partner Signal Solutions.

        EuMW is the premier microwave event in Europe and brings together the microwave community from around the world. The event features a variety of technical sessions, workshops, and exhibitions.

        20 Years of RF SPIN: A Legacy of Innovation and Growth

        • August 2023

        This September, RF SPIN proudly celebrates a significant milestone – our 20th anniversary. Since our inception in 2003, we have been at the forefront of providing world-class broadband antennas, trusted by customers worldwide.

        Over the past two decades, we have been committed to designing, crafting, and delivering reliable antennas that exceed expectations. Our journey has been marked by continuous innovation, a relentless pursuit of quality, and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

        Our achievements at a glance


        As we reflect on our past, we are also excited about the future. We look forward to continuing our mission of delivering exceptional broadband characteristics and cutting-edge features in our antennas. We are grateful to our customers, partners, and dedicated team for their trust and support over the years.

        Here’s to the next 20 years of RF SPIN – driving innovation, exceeding expectations, and setting new standards in the RF industry.

        Join RF SPIN at IMS 2023 and explore the latest in RF technology!

        • May 2023

        RF SPIN will be attending the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023, taking place from June 11-16 in San Diego, USA. The event will have several main themes highlighting a number of areas of RF and microwave technology.

        Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in RF technology and network with industry professionals. Visit Signal Solutions USA LLC (booth 2414) or Impulse Technologies Inc (booth 1703) to see and experience the latest innovations from RF SPIN in person.

        As a major player in RF technology, RF SPIN will showcase its cutting-edge solutions at the event, including its new line of outdoor antennas in radomes and FiberArch, a premium radio frequency bridging solution. In addition, an all-new high-gain antenna will be unveiled to complement RF SPIN’s product portfolio of high-end broadband antennas.

        RF SPIN Unveils Unmatched Outdoor Antennas

        • May 2023

        We have successfully completed the development and testing of the antenna radomes and are introducing a completely new product category of Outdoor antennas.

        The radome provides antennas with reliable protection against moisture and dust, allowing them to be used even in harsh conditions which conventional antennas without a cover cannot withstand. Each radome antenna includes a calibration certificate with all relevant measurement data.

        Currently, our range of antennas for harsh environments includes the QRH11, QRH18, DRH18E, DRH18EX and DRH10 and we plan to gradually expand it to include all the most requested products in the radome version. Learn more about antennas in radome and their development.

        Visit RF SPIN stand at EuCap 2023 in Italy!

        • March 2023

        RF SPIN will be among the other major players in the RF technology sector who will be exhibiting at the EuCAP industry conference from 26-31 March, 2023. This year’s flagship event is being held in Florence, Italy and will traditionally offer the best of the world of Antennas and Propagation.

        RF SPIN will be presenting its product innovations at stand number 67. Among other things, you can look forward to the presentation of our new product line of outdoor antennas in radomes, or FiberArch, a premium radio frequency bridging solution.

        We cordially invite you to our stand and look forward to meeting you in person. Come and find out the latest in RF technology while enjoying the unadulterated Mediterranean atmosphere, delicious Italian cuisine and plenty of cultural experiences.

        Radome development

        • May 2022

        Our development team is currently working on a new antenna radome that will serve as a functional, fully sealed protective cover for selected RF SPIN broadband antennas. The work of our development team will result in the launch of an entirely new product category of outdoor antennas.

        New Antenna 8 GHz – 44 GHz

        • January 2022

        This year will be full of changes and new products. We are starting with the broadband horn antenna DRH0844 that is available now. The frequency band limit is pushed to the edge. Here the bandwidth is from 8 GHz up to 44 GHz. The Gain is more than 23 dBi and VSWR avg. only 1.2. The antenna fits a standard L-shape holder and, like other antennas from RFspin, this model is always individually measured in an anechoic chamber. More info can be seen here.